Our activities

Project activities

Support to the Bureau of Technical Support to the Electoral Process (GTAPE):

  • Financial assistance to the voter’s registration exercise;
  • Financial assistance to the civic campaign for voter’s mobilization to register;


Support to the National Election Commission (CNE):

  • Technical, material and financial assistance on logistics and procurement;
  • Technical and financial assistance to operational planning and polling staff training;
  • Financial assistance to civic education;


Support to the Regional Election Commissions (CREs)

  • Material and financial assistance;
  • Deployment of Regional Electoral Advisers to all 9 regions.

Main achievements

  • Establishment of the Integrated Electoral Support Unit, comprising UNDP and UNIOGBIS personnel;
  • Procurement and hand over of four hundred biometric voter registration kits to GTAPE;
  • GTAPE concluded the voter registration exercise nationwide and in the diaspora on 19 December. A total number of 761,676 eligible voters were registered, which corresponds to 86% of the total estimated number of voters to be registered.
  • Procurement and hand over of election materials to the National Election Commission on 10 January 2019. These materials included 440 ballot boxes, 191,000 seals, 3100 polling booths, 1542 jars of indelible ink, 462 polling caps as well as various other consumables;
  • Training of trainers and mobilization of 1000 civic education animators for the civic education campaign nationwide;
  • Training of 12,000 Polling staff (tbc)