About the project

Project data


US$ 7,700,00.00


14 (including 10 UN Volunteers)


2018/10 - 2019/12

Resources mobilized

US$ 9,400,00.00
Portugal made an in-kind contribution of approximately one million Euros, which included the production and transportation of the ballot papers.
Outside of the Basket Fund, Nigeria has provided 205 biometric voter registration kits to the Government of Guinea-Bissau for the current voter registration process Timor Leste pledged a contribution USD $472,302 towards repairing and purchasing electoral equipment (USD 222,302), supporting the voter registration process (USD 125,000) as well as the electoral process (USD 125,000).

Sources of funding

European Union: US$ 2,900,000.00
Guinea-Bissau Gvt: US$ 1,800,000.00
Angola: US$ 1,000,000.00
ECOWAS: US$ 1,000,000.00
Japan: US$ 1,000,000.00
UEOMA: US$ 1,000,000.00
Nigeria: US$ 500,000.00
Equatorial-Guinea: US$ 230,000.00
UNDP: US$ 200,000.00
USA: US$ 200,000.00
Italy: US$ 116,000.00


Comissão Nacional de Eleições – National Election Commission
GTAPE – Gabinete de Apoio Técnico ao Processo Eleitoral - Bureau of Technical Support to the Electoral Process


Voters Registration
Electoral Operations and Civic Education


Enhance the Guinea-Bissau Elections Management Bodies’ capacity to hold legitimate, transparent and credible elections in accordance with domestic legislation and international standards.

What we do

On April 2018, the Lomé Agreement was signed, again brokered by ECOWAS, with involvement of national stakeholders, enabling the opening of the Parliament, the appointment of a consensual Prime Minister and the appointment of an inclusive Government with the primary responsibility of organizing legislative elections in 2018.

The President of the Republic announced 18 November 2018 as the date for holding legislative elections in Guinea-Bissau. However, due to a series of constraints (technical, financial and political) and delays in the voters’ registration process, it was not possible to hold the election as scheduled.

On 20 December 2018, following consultations with GTAPE, CNE, the Prime Minister, political parties and the Council of State, the President of the Republic decreed that the legislative elections will be held on 10 March 2019.

At the UN Security Council Briefing on Guinea Bissau on 21 December, all Council members welcomed the new date of legislative elections, while regretting that the initial date of 18 November 2018 was not respected.

They emphasized the continued relevance of the Conakry Agreement, and the need for its full implementation by the Bissau-Guinean leadership.

The holding of fair, transparent and credible elections is an important step on the way to political stability in Guinea-Bissau.

The elections will restore democracy by devolving power to a legitimate Government elected by the people.

Although CNE, the main elections management body, and GTAPE have some experience having organized several elections in the past, they still require assistance particularly in the procurement of materials, complex logistics and operational aspects, as well as voter outreach.

The project will contribute to:

  • provision of technical and operational support for updating and creating a sustainable, credible and inclusive voters’ register;
  • increased awareness of the voters regarding voter registration drive;
  • strengthening capacities for the implementation of elections;
  • support to the CNE in establishing effective communication with the electorate.

Who we are

Deryck Fritz

Chief technical advisor

José Malam Jassi

Program analyst

Terry Pinto

Logistics advisor

Wolldie Gilleta

Finance expert

Rita Mira

Electoral field coordinator

Agostinho Ca

Regional electoral advisor

Andreia Camara

Regional electoral advisor

Ansumane Sani

Regional electoral advisor

Domingos Tchigna

Regional electoral advisor

Edgar Pires

Regional electoral advisor

Eviano Silva

Regional electoral advisor

Feliciano Mendes

Regional electoral advisor

José Manuel Vaz

Regional electoral advisor

Paulino Tungue

Regional electoral advisor